About us

Solar Association (Czech Republic)

  • The biggest and most important association of solar energy professionals in the Czech Republic
  • We represent 1,2 GW (60% market share)
  • 500 members (installation companies, solar investors, power plant owners, universities, banks, legal offices, individual members, etc)
  • We organize international conferences, seminars, excursions, educational programmes and other activities 
  • We operate a regularly updated map of recommended installation and service companies
  • We make business for our members easier and protect their investments in solar energy 
  • We are a member of European Renewable Energies Federation and SolarPower Europe

Executive Board

Jan Fousek

Ján Horváth

Jiří Fast

Dušan Horčička

Jan Patřičný

Matěj Řehák

Ladislav Seidler


Supervisory Board

Veronika Šilhová

Mikuláš Labský

Tomáš Korostenský